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You've had the adventure of a lifetime dating your now-fiancé, and you're on to the next big one of planning your wedding. Getting your wedding photography booked and taken care of by me will ensure that you'll spend less time planning your wedding and more time hanging with each other. 

From start to finish, you'll get everything you need for a well-crafted experience that includes gorgeous, comprehensive wedding photography. I'll develop a custom timeline for you so that you know what to expect and when to expect it (ie. meetings, Facebook previews, final photo delivery date), you'll get a helpful PDF guide to give you a running start on wedding planning, and of course- the most beautiful photos of your big day.

And there are no hidden costs; your images will be yours to enjoy and keep safe for future generations as high-res images that you can download from a private password-protected gallery. 

For my availability and the most up-to-date pricing guide, you can reach me here.

Where can I read your reviews?

I’m a 4-time WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award winner, placing in the top 5% nationwide in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Read some of my reviews under the Affirmation tab, or click on the WeddingWire icon if you'd like to read the rest of them!

I’m getting married outside of Colorado, will you photograph my wedding?

Having covered weddings in Hawaii, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Montana, Maine, Wisconsin, Sweden, Germany and of course Colorado, I’d be honored to photograph your destination wedding as well!

Rates outside of Colorado vary depending on the location and time of year, so let me know when / where you’re thinking of tying the knot. 


I’m based in Colorado Springs, CO and there are no travel fees for weddings on the 'Front Range'. If the wedding goes late and I'm not within a reasonable driving distance to return to Colorado Springs that evening, I'd just ask for a hotel.

Where are you based and are there travel fees?


Yes! My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is photographing. I know that sounds like a joke, but you might’ve heard the stories of when people book a wedding photographer and one of their associate wedding photographers comes instead. That’s silly.

I will not be sending another photographer to be representing me, so I’ll see you there!

Will YOU be the photographer at my wedding if I book you?

Will you photograph the rehearsal?

I love photographing rehearsals. The rehearsal is my opportunity to get familiar with the light / location in the area and also who I’m working with. By the time the wedding day comes along, I'll be spending less time scouting and more time photographing people who I've already met the day before.

If you’d like for me to cover your rehearsal, I can most likely make it happen.

Can I book you for just an engagement session?

Or just the wedding?


Yes! I’ve found that more and more people are choosing Colorado to be their destination wedding location, and have already done their engagement sessions. Or they just need the engagement session because they aren’t ready to think about the actual wedding photography yet.

Whatever the case- the answer is yes. Just shoot me an email and we can figure out the details!

How long have you been photographing?

I started photographing part-time in 2011 in addition to teaching math and film photography through Teach for America. And the more I photographed, the more I found that I loved it!

Upon completing my second year with TFA Colorado in 2013, I quit both my teaching career and my Masters in Urban Education at CU Denver to pursue full-time wedding photography and haven't looked back.

Brian Kwan Photography LLC officially started in 2012 and I've been a full-time wedding photographer since 2013.

Who is your assistant / second shooter?

My second shooter varies from wedding to wedding, dependent on the part of the country and time of year because I only book other professional photographers as my second shooters.

I’m a member of a network of professional wedding photographers around the country whose work are similar to mine, and are a pleasure to work with.

I taught for 2 years through a program called Teach for America, which is what led me to move from Texas up here to Colorado Springs.

It has given me a deep appreciation for those working in education. If you are a current K-12 educator or military service member, ask me about the discounted wedding photography rate.

Do you offer military / educator discounts?

Can you shoot film at my wedding?

I’m no longer offering film as an Add-On for wedding photography, but if you’d like it for your engagement shoot in place of digital photography, let’s talk!

Do you have equipment AND liability insurance?

Yes! Most wedding venues don't require photographers to be insured, but some do- and for good reason. I'm insured for up to $1 million, so don't you worry! 

Click here for my Camera Gear.

What kind of gear do you use?

In late April of 2017, I proposed to my now-wife, and went through the same process that you're going through now. Looking through wedding venues, the best Colorado wedding photographers, budgeting a million things, gasping at how much rentals cost, etc. Here's the deal. I knew that the photographers I'd be considering would be one of the people I'd be spending the most time with on my wedding day. They'll be close in proximity to me and my wife, so I wanted them to be someone that fits a specific criteria:


I have a Type A personality and Type B demeanor. In other words, I’m very organized, and I’ll keep you relaxed on your wedding day. That’s why I provide a detailed timeline to all of my couples within a few days of booking, because I know I’d want one too. I’d also want to make sure that my photographer is someone I can trust, makes me feel important, shares the same enthusiasm about my wedding day, and is genuinely helpful. But most importantly, I’d want my photographer to be someone that I like and am comfortable around. I know that if I like my photographer as a person, it's a great start to receiving photographs I'll love!


After I know that I can connect with my photographer, I'm looking at their photographs. The way they tell a story. The 'lens' they see through. I’d want to know if their photographs reflect the type of images that I’d want to see on my walls for decades to come and would want to share with my kids and grandkids. I’d look for someone who takes simple, elegant photos that capture the rare and raw emotion of the day with a candid style that won’t be outdated a few years down the road. I’m known for photographing weddings as they unfold without interference, while looking for the best light and composition to make you look your best.


Wedding photography is like most other things in life- you get what you pay for. A budget photographer would need to take on a part-time job or have to book a large amount of couples to support themselves, which means less time to spend on their craft, and more importantly, less time to focus on you- the ones getting married.

On the other hand, a competitively-priced photographer would be able to support themselves with just wedding photography, which means a photographer who has more time to spend on their craft- ultimately resulting in happy couples with a wonderful experience and beautiful photos.

Brian Kwan Photography is a destination wedding photographer based in Colorado Springs, and has been photographing full-time since 2013. If you're looking for some of the best wedding photography in Colorado, you're looking in the right place!


There are SO many photographers out there. How would you pick?


I've photographed national campaigns / commercial work for Amazon, Dish Network, Teach for America, Colorado Christian University,  and dozens of others.

If you're an organization who needs professional commercial photos or video, shoot me an email at for a custom quote. Drone services are available as well, and I am an FAA certified remote pilot.

I'm currently not photographing families, but if you shoot me an email, I may have referrals for you!

Do you photograph anything other than weddings?

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