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This form helps me better understand your desires for the big day, how I can make sure I capture the most important moments and people, and best serve you. The more detail, the better!


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(if applicable) for example: 4pm Rehearsal 5pm Rehearsal Dinner at Colorado Steakhouse
for example: 11am-2pm Getting Ready 2:30-3pm First Look 3-3:30 Groom + Groomsmen photos 3:30-4pm Bridesmaid photos 4pm Ceremony 5-6pm Cocktail hour + Family photos + Bride / Groom photos 6-9pm Reception
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
List of family groups like: Bride + Bride's Parents Groom + Groom's Grandparents Bride + Groom + Siblings
If we have time we can have the DJ make an announcement. For example: church group sorority / fraternity
Expeditor is in charge of calling out family groupings. Usually a family member or close friend
Florist: DJ company / name: Hair and Makeup: Wedding Coordinator: Dress:
(ie. playful, adventurous, intimate, based around faith, intellectual, humorous etc.)? Your answer to this will be incredibly helpful in informing me of what to look out for on your wedding day, and if you’ve taken any personality tests that you think are pretty accurate in describing you two, that would be helpful too! Feel free to answer as little or as much as you’d like:

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